B.S.N. Prerequisite Courses

Applicants must earn a "C" (2.0) or better in all prerequisite B.S.N. courses.

Science Courses:

  • CHM 1032 (3) General Chemistry or other approved physical or life science* ^
  • MCB 2004C (4) Microbiology with lab
  • ZOO 3733C (4) Human Anatomy with lab**
  • PCB 3703C (4) Human Physiology with lab**

Other Courses:

  • PSY 2012 (3) General Psychology* ° and/or SYG 2000 (3) General Sociology* °
  • STA 2014 (3) or STA 2023 (3) Principles of Statistics*
  • DEP 2004 (3) Developmental Psychology or SOW 3104 (3) Assessing Human Development
  • HUN 3011 (3) Human Nutrition

* Also meets UCF’s general education requirements.

^ Must be a BSC, BCH, CHM, PCB or PHY course. If anything other than Chemistry, the course must have been taken at a Florida public institution or be an approved course through Academic Services via the Transfer Evaluation Request process explained here.

** You must take the two courses from the SAME sequence: Sequence Option 1 (Human Anatomy and Human Physiology), which is offered at UCF and other universities, or Sequence Option 2 (Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II), which is generally offered at state and community colleges.

° Students applying for Summer 2014 and beyond will only be allowed to use PSY 2012 or SYG 2000 on their application (not both).

Updated 10-11-2012


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See undergraduate catalog for course names & descriptions.