Doctor of Nursing Practice (D.N.P.), Post-Master’s

Advanced Practice Nurse track—In Short

  • Clinical doctorate track designed for nurses with a M.S.N. degree or graduate certificate in an advanced practice nurse specialty role (ANP, FNP, PNP, CNS)
  • D.N.P. degree awarded after completing 43-45 credit hours and 360-480 clinical hours
  • Apply for part-time study
  • An official, competitive G.R.E. score is required for admission to the D.N.P. program
  • Alternate plans of study available for nurses with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, and for nurses with a M.S.N. degree in a non-NP or non-CNS specialty—these students should apply to the post-baccalaureate D.N.P. program.

Program description
The post-master’s D.N.P. doctoral program is designed to prepare nurse clinicians and nurse practitioners for leadership roles in specialized areas of advanced nursing practice. This program prepares nurses at the highest level of practice for the current health care environment. Candidates must have a M.S.N. degree with specialization as a nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist.

Graduates of this program will be able to redesign health care systems based on critical analysis of complex practice situations.

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The D.N.P. follows a national trend toward clinical doctorates in other fields, including pharmacy, physical therapy and audiology. To learn more about the national trend for advanced practice nursing, please visit